eGo Battery Airflow Controller

eGo Battery Airflow Controller

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This is a device designed to control the airflow on an eGo battery when using 510 tanks, atomizers or cartomizers. If you are using a 510 tank (or other 510 device) where the hit is thin, Then this is the solution! The Airflow Controller serves to cover the airflow notches on an eGo battery, increasing the resistance felt when taking a draw off of your electronic cigarette. The Airflow Controller screws onto the eGo battery where an eGo cone would usually go, and has a standard 510 connection on top for your 510 tanks, atomizers, or cartomizers. It is Not compatible with eGo type; clearomizers, cartomizers, or tanks. *Price per unit.

Easy Setup: Attach the Controller first and then attach your tank or cartomizer. With the Controller screwed on all the way down the airflow notches are unimpeded. But as you unscrew the Controller it rises up and starts to cover the airflow notches on the battery. On a tank you can adjust it all the way until it is snug under the tank. On a standard 510 cartomizer or atomizer it will remain flush with the outside of the carto or atty. 

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