Customer Rewards

Earn 3% Back in Customer Rewards on Every Purchase!

How It Works

Every retail customer is awarded 1 point for every dollar spent on products. Points accumulated can be cashed in for Online Gift Certificates (Gift Codes) which are available in several different gift amounts. After receiving the Gift Code the customer can then enter the code into the coupon box during checkout and the value of the Gift Code will applied to the order as a form of payment. 

How To Redeem Points 

Click on My Account and once inside locate the 'My Rewards' section and Click 'Redeem' to see the selection of Gift Codes and their Point requirements.                                                                  
Once you have selected the appropriate gift code amount you would then choose the 'Redeem' option for that particular Gift Code. The transaction will complete and an Invoice of this exchange will appear on your screen. A gift code beginning with 'GC' will be viewable on this invoice and will also be immediately emailed to you. When you are ready to use your gift code, see: 'How to Use Gift Code' (below).

How To Use Gift Code

When you are ready to use your gift code, simply enter the code into the Apply Coupon box during checkout and the value of that code will be deducted from your order total. If you have forgotten the gift code, simply goto 'My Account' and then 'My Rewards' (while logged in) to retrieve your gift code.  Gift codes can also be saved for a later date or gifted to a friend or family member.

Check Rewards Balance - Goto the 'My Rewards' section located under 'My Account' and your rewards balance will be listed. You can also view the specific amount of rewards received per order as well.

    • Rewards Balance can be viewed by going to 'My Account'.
    • Rewards are Redeemed by choosing 'Redeem' under My Account.

Quick Note Regarding Receipts/Invoices

Because online gift certificates are considered a form of payment (& for security reasons) they will not be represented in the 'Discounts' section on invoices and emailed receipts. Only promo/discount codes that have been used in addition to the Gift Codes will be represented there. All payment details including credit card details, gift certificates, & amounts applied will only be available on screen during checkout. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding those details.

*For additional questions or concerns please use the Contact us link.

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