• We ship all domestic orders via USPS 1st Class Mail. We provide same day shipping at no additional cost for all orders placed before 10 AM (Eastern Standard) Monday - Saturday. Orders placed on Sunday and USPS observed holidays will ship the next business day. 


  • Currently we only ship to the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, & France. We intend to expand to Worldwide shipping in the near future, but not at this time. All orders placed before 2pm (eastern standard time) will ship that same day Except on Sunday & Holidays. Orders placed on Sunday or holidays will not Ship until the next business day.



  • We are honored to fulfill orders for military personnel! In order to ensure service men and women receives their packages, USPS and the DOD have a few basic address requirements for an APO/FPO address, the following serve as examples of these requirements:


      • NAME - Service Member's Full Name (with or without grade, rank, etc.)
      • ADDRESS - Unit Designation (ie. Unit # + Box #, CMR# + Box #, or PSC# + Box #)
      • CITY - APO/FPO Designation (Army Post Office OR Fleet Post Office) 

      • STATE - AA/AE/AP Designation (Armed Forces; Americas, Europe, or Pacific)

      • ZIP CODE -  (5 or 9 digit zip code)



  • During checkout we offer a low cost insurance that is available to both Domestic & International customers. This insurance is offered in addition to any insurance that USPS may provide to you with a particular shipping class. This insurance covers any package that becomes Lost or Damaged in transit. Items that have been scanned as delivered by the courier are not eligible for lost item replacement. Orders that have opted out of this insurance will not be covered for loss or damage, no exceptions. *Please note: International Orders that choose Insurance will have the Exact Value of the order Declared to Customs, which can result in customs fee due from the purchasers country for said dollar amount. 



  • We ship all International Orders with a Customs Remark of 'Gift' and a Declared Value significantly lower than the actual purchase amount. This saves the purchaser on Customs Duties Due when the order arrives. In instances where the purchaser has purchased Insurance, we still Remark the order as 'Gift' however we then have to Declare the same Amount to Customs that we have Insured the Parcel for, which will then result in a higher Customs Duty Due from the purchasers country.



  • In the event you require a different shipping Courier or Method, please contact us Prior to checkout to make arrangements.

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